"I love my Geetuberry gifts from my sweet husband! The burlap accents really make the house feel like a home. I can't wait to see the new Easter stuff!"
- Suzie A.
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- GreenGeeks Host Providers
"The material used in their products is substantial! I was pleasantly surprised to see the extra added touches....and I love that this company helps women empower themselves in the work force!"
- Jody W.
Material: SatinPremium quality: The tailoring is of the highest standards while only the best raw ma..
Ex Tax: $19.95
Eco friendly: Natural soy wax candles with a soothing aromaHigh quality: Beautiful craftsmanship, ey..
Ex Tax: $29.99
Beautiful handmade Burlap Curtains with alternating brown and white stripes that will give an elegan..
Ex Tax: $39.99