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I launched GeetuBerry (www.geetuberry.com) out of a desire to use my entrepreneurial ambitions to effect social change. I’ve been involved

with philanthropic activities for most of my life, having worked with my grandfather’s 26-year NPO, “the Love and Care Foundation” (www.loveandcare.org.in).

Working with children raised in extreme poverty left an indelible impression on my mind.

  On a recent trip to the school, I was talking to the mothers of the students enrolled there and was struck by how

  challenging their lives were. Often the burden of managing the household and raising kids fell on their shoulders,

  while their husbands were away earning vital financial resources. Several families lacked access to basic

  facilities like electricity and clean drinking water. Their almost complete financial dependence on their spouses had

  dramatically affected their ability and freedom to pursue their own dreams or to influence how they should live their lives.

  Yet they always had a smile on their faces! 

When I casually mentioned that I was thinking of launching a business, they were eager to know more and very keen to help it succeed. Thus, GeetuBerry was born! 

As one of three sisters, I am acutely aware of the inherent biases and challenges that women battle every day to prove their worth. In rural India these

biases can have devastating effects beginning in early childhood. A young girl is a liability since they marry and go to live with their in-laws. Her parents

have few incentives to educate her and help her fulfill her adult potential. Poor nutrition, school attrition and rapid marriage shortly after attaining puberty

are some of the consequences of this social structure. Most of the attention and care goes to the sons, the ones who will bear the family’s name.  

From a young age I realized the power of financial/intellectual independence and how it engenders respect, empowers passions and emancipates the spirit.

My mother was financially dependent, and I witnessed how her personal autonomy and efficacy were ignored by virtue of her personal poverty. Money talks,

so her opinions were largely ignored. Without the choice of how or where we were raised, there was, of course, no choice in schools we attended. 

  At GeetuBerry our mission is to emancipate women from entrapment and facilitate them to reach their 

  potential. We have a training program to provide women with profitable skills under the tutelage of

  a master trainer. Women are taught to make the products in our catalog and to retain that autonomous,

  profitable skill set. At the end of our program, we offer employment to successful trainees. Over   time,

  I hope to grow and establish many more of these training centers, especially in rural parts of the country. 


Simultaneously, it is important to be responsible citizens of this planet. We are blessed to call Mother Earth our home and should endeavor to leave this world a better

place than when we were born. To that end, GeetuBerry manufactures and sells handcrafted items with a goal to be as eco-friendly as possible. Given the boutique nature of

GeetuBerry, in addition to designing great products, we are extremely focused on manufacturing high quality/small footprint items. The positive reception that we've received

so far has made this journey very satisfying and exciting! 

Thank you so much for supporting us in this mission! We would love to hear from you as well as welcome you to go online and explore our collection.

If you like our products, please do leave us your comments as we welcome new ideas and are seeking to grow as a community of families across the world.

Warm regards,